shaq’s jet In a career that’s spanned four decades and included a number of notable achievements


shaq’s jet In a career that’s spanned four decades and included a number of notable achievements, one of the most significant has been Shaq’s jet. In addition to being an all-around nice guy (he’s an NBA legend and reality-show star), he loves to fly. He owns a large fleet of private jets, and his favorite is shaq’s jet. But what exactly is it? How did he get it? And why doesn’t anyone else have this kind of transport? Let’s find out! Let’s read more about shaq’s jet

shaq’s jet is a beautiful and massive 12-seat aircraft.

If you’re a fan of Shaquille O’Neal, then you know that he loves to fly. The former NBA star has owned several private jets over the years and even has his own plane: Shaq’s Jet.

The interior is lined with cream leather, which gives it a luxurious feel when compared with most other private jets on the market today. The seats are wide enough to accommodate Shaq’s large frame, making them comfortable enough for him to enjoy his flights in style.

Boeing recently announced plans for a new longer version of their Business Jet (the BBJ 777x) that would be able to transport more passengers comfortably than its predecessors have been able do so far; this new plane could potentially be used by Shaq if he wants one day! Let’s read more about shaq’s jet

the interior is lined with cream leather, and the seats are wide enough for shaq’s giant frame.

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boeing is making a new longer version of the business jet (the bbj 777x) that should be able to transport shaq more comfortably.

The new plane is being built by Boeing and will have a longer fuselage and wingspan than previous versions of the bbj. It should be able to accommodate Shaquille O’Neal’s height, which is 6’1” (1.85 m). The new jet will have room for six guests, with three seats in each row that can be configured as a double or single sofa bed. Let’s read more about shaq’s jet

shaq has made modifications to his jet in order to accommodate his height, like having smaller toilets installed.

Shaq has made modifications to his jet in order to accommodate his height. He’s 6’11” and has a long body, so he needs more room than most people do.

Shaq has also installed smaller toilets on the plane because they’re easier for him to use, since he doesn’t have much hair or even eyebrows anymore and can’t see well when he looks down at the toilet bowl (or whatever).

He also has several seats removed from the plane so that he can stretch out his body and relax on board.

shaq is also partial to private jets and occasionally charters them for personal use.

Shaquille O’Neal is one of the most recognizable athletes in the world. He has been an NBA champion, a three-time MVP and two-time NBA Finals MVP. But Shaq’s love for private jets goes beyond his sport.

Shaq’s jet is a Gulfstream G450ER that was built by Bombardier Aerospace for use by businesspeople and celebrities who want to travel privately. The aircraft can seat up to 14 passengers in its main cabin or 44 people if it’s fitted with two large fuselages called “tails” mounted on either side of the plane’s bodywork (the tail sections are also known as “wings”).

The G450ER is powered by two Rolls Royce BR725 engines, which provide a total of 7,850 pounds of thrust. It has a maximum cruising speed of Mach 0.88 (about 530 mph), and can fly for up to 6,500 miles.

he even built an airstrip on his property so he could fly in and out at will, instead of having to drive away from his home in Florida every time he wanted to go somewhere.

Shaq is also a private jet enthusiast, and he has a variety of other jets and aircraft that he uses for his various business ventures. He owns an entire fleet of private jets—including one used by former President Barack Obama when he visited the White House after winning reelection in 2012—and two helicopters (one for himself and one for his wife).

Shaq also has several yachts, including one called “Big Shaq” that’s currently docked at Cancun International Marina. The yacht’s name comes from its owner’s size: it measures 60 feet long!

Shaq also has another vessel named “Rising Sun,” which was built as part of an initiative by Japanese billionaire Masayoshi Son to make tourism more accessible throughout Asia Pacific countries like Japan where many people live below average income levels due largely because they don’t earn enough money working at jobs outside the home environment where there aren’t many opportunities available aside from what you find within your own community–unless there happens

Shaq prefers private jets to flying commercial.#

Shaq prefers private jets to flying commercial.

Shaq’s jet is a beautiful and massive 12-seat aircraft, but it’s also rather small compared to many other private planes. The interior is lined with cream leather, and the seats are wide enough for shaq’s giant frame.

The plane also has a bathroom, which is important for long flights. It’s unclear if Shaq used the facilities during his trip to Beijing, but we do know that he ordered in food from McDonalds.


The last few months have been a long time coming for shaq, but it looks like he’s finally found his way into the air. He recently purchased a $24 million jet that is capable of carrying 12 passengers, and now the former basketball player can enjoy flying whenever he chooses. The only thing left to do now is make sure that this new mode of transportation doesn’t get too much use!

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