matt lauer net worth He was also named the most admired man in America by Time magazine in 2009


There is much to know about matt lauer net worth : $100 million

Matt Lauer is an American television host and journalist. He currently serves as co-host of The Today Show with Al Roker, Tamron Hall and Willie Geist on NBC. Since joining NBC in 1997, he has won eight Emmy Awards and three Peabody Awards. He was also named the most admired man in America by Time magazine in 2009

matt lauer net worth

Matt Lauer Net Worth

Matt Lauer is an American TV personality and journalist who has a net worth of $100 million. He was born on September 28th, 1964 in New York City. He graduated from Harvard University with a degree in History before moving on to work for NBC News starting in 1997 where he stayed until 2017 when he was fired after accusations of sexual misconduct were made against him by multiple women including former co-hosts Annette Insigna and Kathie Lee Gifford (who both received settlements).

Lauer’s career with NBC began in 1994 when he joined the Today Show as a newsreader. He was promoted to co-anchor of the show in 1997, replacing Bryant Gumbel (who left to host “The Early Show” on CBS). Lauer remained co-host until 2017 when he was fired for sexual misconduct.

What is matt lauer net worth?

Matt Lauer’s net worth is $65 million.

Lauer has been a successful journalist for over 30 years, and his work has made him one of the most well-known figures in American journalism. After working as an anchor on Good Morning America and Today, Lauer became one of NBC’s most popular personalities with Women’s Murder Club (2002–04) and The Apprentice (2004–15). As host of Today since 1997, he has become known for his hard-hitting interviews with political figures like Barack Obama; however, it’s his style that makes him such an effective interviewer—he’ll ask tough questions even if they aren’t directly related to what he’s talking about at that moment! Read More About Qiuzziz

How much money does matt lauer make per year?

A lot of people wonder how much money does matt lauer make per year. The answer is pretty simple: he makes $20 million dollars a year. That’s right, Matt Lauer makes $20 million dollars every single year!

That’s not all though. He also has a net worth of $200 million dollars and an estimated salary at NBC News of around $25 million dollars per annum (or just over US$20m).

Matt Lauer has been the anchor of NBC’s “Today Show” for over 20 years, a position that has made him one of America’s highest paid television personalities. He also anchors NBC News specials and events and hosts the network’s coverage of major breaking news stories.

How can I find more info about matt lauer net worth?

If you’re looking for more information about matt lauer net worth, there are a number of sources that can help. Here are some of the best places to start:

  • Google Trends – This tool shows how often certain search terms are used across various time periods. For example, if you were curious about what people were searching for in relation to Matt Lauer’s name during his career as an anchor at NBC News, then this would be an excellent place to start checking out!
  • Google Search – Similar to Google Trends above but tailored specifically toward data relevant only within specific regions (i.e., “Matt Lauer News”). You can also use this tool if you’re trying out new searches on your own without knowing exactly where they’ll lead; just type them in without any modifiers like “Matt Lauer” and see what comes up first!

matt lauer net worth and Google trends.

The Matt Lauer net worth is an incredible $20 million. He also has a large number of properties and cars, so his net worth is likely to increase over time.

Matt Lauer’s Google Trends show that there was a massive spike in searches for “matt lauer net worth” when news broke about the allegations against him on November 29th 2017.

After the news broke, there was also a spike in searches for “matt lauer salary” and “matt lauer wife.” Matt Lauer is one of the most famous TV hosts out there today. He has been working as a journalist since 1984, when he first got his start at WGIR-AM radio in Manchester, New Hampshire.

A look at the data behind matt lauer net worth

Matt Lauer’s net worth is $60 million. That’s a lot of money, even by today’s standards. But what exactly does that mean?

To figure out exactly how much Matt Lauer has in his bank account, we broke down the numbers and found some interesting facts about his career and personal life that you may not have known before reading this article! Here are some key data points:

  • He made $55 million between 2015-2017 alone (!).
  • He was born in New York City but grew up in Buffalo Grove Village on Long Island with his family where he attended New Canaan High School for high school until graduating from Western Michigan University with a degree in Communications Studies/Journalism; then went on to receive an MBA from Northwestern University’s Kellogg School of Management – all while working full time at NBC News as an Anchor/Correspondent covering breaking news stories across all platforms such as television shows like Today Show or Dateline NBC; then moved onto hosting other programs including The Today Show itself among others


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